FIFA World Cup Group E 2014

Group E in World Cup 2014 qualifying betting is one of the more interesting ones because of the level competitiveness of the teams involved. Switzerland and Norway are projected to be the stronger sides in the running there, but there is enough to go in the group to suggest that it is going to be wide open. After an unbeaten start over four matches to start their campaign, the Swiss side certainly came out of the blocks the quickest. What the Swiss have working in their favour is a very solid defence. They always play a very tight and organised game and the level of competition in the group isn’t so high that they will get opened up too often. The defence of Switzerland helped them to take a couple of away wins early on in the group, putting them in good standings and favourites to win.

However, Norway are not to be counted out. They went to Switzerland and earned themselves a draw and should they win the reverse fixture back at home, then they could really challenge for top spot. The Norwegians, much like the Swiss really, are a pretty solid side, physical enough through the middle of the park to express themselves. They will be pretty strong at home, so it will be all about how well they travel, as that could be what makes or breaks their challenge for the top spot. Even if they can’t quite get there in the long run, they should be right in the mix all the way to finish in second spot, which would put them into the knockout qualification round to reach Brazil 2014. So the fate of the group title could hinge on the Norway v Switzerland clash.

But there could be surprise runs from both Albania and Iceland who made average starts to their qualification campaigns, but weren’t so far behind after four games. If either can string a couple of wins together then they could get a jump in the qualification race. There really hasn’t been too much to split the two sides so far, but Iceland did get the jump on the Albanians with an away win when they met. Had Albania held out for three points there, then the table would have taken on a whole different complex. Still, the levels of quality are minimal between the main challengers in this group and things could easily be turned on its head.

One of the surprising disappointments of qualification so far has been Slovenia, who just didn’t show up to the races in the early stages of Group E, leaving themselves a mountain to climb. Slovenia are usually a very tidy and neat side, and looked to have come on leaps and bounds, but have fallen well short of their usual standards. After making it to the 2010 World Cup and mounting a serious challenge to make it Euro 2012, they have really fallen flat. Cyprus look to be just making up the numbers in the group as the rank outsiders.

World Cup Group E Betting


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