Group G Qualification World Cup 2014

Group G in World Cup 2014 qualification from the UEFA zone looks fascinating and one that could be drama filled all the way to the end. What makes this group so very interesting is that there is no stand out side and there are three nations in the running to take top spot in the group. If you are looking for competitiveness, then this is the group. Any one from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Slovakia all look to have genuine shots at claiming a place in the top two in Group G. So everything is up for grabs in this one.

Bosnia and Herzegovina along with Greece posted the same records from their opening four matches of group qualification, taking three wins and a draw each. The draw was between the two sides, a 0-0 played out in Greece, so the stakes are going to be high for the reverse fixture there. That could have a massive bearing on who gets the automatic qualification spot to head to Brazil 2014 and who has to go through the knockout qualification round. The difference between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece is that the former have produced so much more in front of goal and their prominent goal difference could go along way.

They have a contrast in style to the Greeks who are pragmatic, very hard working and try to deny space to opponents as much as possible. They don’t have as much to offer going forward, as Bosnia and Herzegovina do. Will that hurt them in the long run? The Greeks are unlikely to go out and win by big margins, even against the minnows of the group, and that is where the difference in qualification could lie. The goal scoring power that Bosnia and Herzegovina have is almost like having an extra point on the board.

Slovakia still have the quality in their ranks to mount a challenge for the top. They have already lost against the Greeks though, which was a blow, but they do still have two games to come against Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the return leg against Greece. So Latvia have a massive part to play in Group G and its outcome yet. They will be down the pecking order behind Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they have the potential for a massive upset. Making up the group, Lithuania, Latvia and Liechtenstein remain firm outsiders.

World Cup Group G Betting


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