Suarez Biting Banishment

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez was slapped on the wrists heavily by the English FA towards the end of April 2013, as he was handed a ten match ban for his bite on Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. The incident happened in a Premier League meeting at Anfield between Liverpool and Chelsea, and in a tussle with the Serbian defender, TV cameras clearly captured the Uruguayan striker biting down on his opponents arms. The FA decided that the regular three match ban for ill discipline wasn’t enough in this case, and they took a tremendously hard line and hit the Liverpool forward with a ten match ban. Both Liverpool and the player, who did apologise for his actions were shocked at the ban, which will see him miss the end of the 2012/13 season and a good month of action at the start of the 2013/14. Suarez may not be eligible to play till October.

So the question remains about what will happen to the Uruguayan. He is tremendously talented and he has carried Liverpool forward, but does his big talent bring too much big trouble for his club? Just last season Suarez was hit with an eight match ban for using racially abusive language against Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. Back in 2010, Suarez received a seven match ban in the Dutch top flight after a bite on Otman Bakkal of PSV, while the Uruguayan was playing for Ajax. That was the last action that Suarez performed for the Dutch club as he was sold on to Liverpool. The question is, will history be repeating itself again?

Despite statements from Liverpool saying that Suarez still had a place at the club, how tempted would they be if another club came in for an offer over the summer? Liverpool look lightweight up front without Suarez, so there could be a reason to cash in on the troubled star, especially as he would be due to miss the first six Premier League matches of next season. The other part to the equation, is who would want to buy him? Who would want to take on the talent and temperament of Suarez? On his day, his pace, trickery and eye for goal is immense and there would probably be willing parties to take a risk on him, but at a cut price cost of course.

German side Bayern Munich are leading the options for Suarez’s club after the summer transfer window. The Bundesliga Champions, while favourites, probably don’t have any need or room for him. They already have undisputed world class talent in their ranks and Suarez would be a little but surplus to requirements there. It is unlikely too that another Premier League club would make a move for Suarez, but if it did happen, then Manchester City would be the most likely suitors, as they have the money and track record of capturing star players from rivals. Man City’s Argentinian star striker Sergio Aguero is being head-hunted by Real Madrid, so there could be a space opening up at the Etihad Stadium if he moves on.

Real Madrid themselves may make a continental escape for Suarez, and probably going abroad would make the most sense for him. It would be a chance for a fresh start. He would be a good fit for Madrid and would make a formidable forward partner for Cristiano Ronaldo at the Bernabeu. One other probable destination, were Liverpool to sell Suarez in the summer, would be Paris St Germain. They are trying to climb the European elite and would be boosted by having such a great talent in their side. They, like Manchester City, have very deep pockets too. But will Liverpool sell Suarez, or will he simply be at Anfield after the summer transfer window closes?

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