2014 Barclays Premier League Top 4

With Manchester United and Manchester City looking front runners, along with Chelsea to muscle their way to the 2013/14 Premier League title next season, perhaps some better value in can be found in your Top Four Finish betting. While this may not immediately jump out as a valid category for picking up value in, but given the tight running in the 2012/13 season it could well be. Essentially, as many will be predicting again, it will be a case of trying to fit five pegs into four holes. They aren’t all going to fit, plus you never know who else may spring a surprise on the season.

Naturally everyone will be expecting the two Manchester clubs to be occupying half of the top four spots in next season’s Premier League. Chelsea, with a strong finish to last season, along with some deep pockets should be in high enough favour, but that didn’t help them just two seasons ago when they finished sixth. Still, they have the core of a very good team there and should be a solid candidate to land a top four finish. But behind those three, things could start to look a little grey and shaded. You have the options of Arsenal and Tottenham who will, projectively, be battling it out for the remaining top four spot.

Of course the importance of landing a top four spot is huge, as it means a place, and a lucrative one at that, in the Champions League. So there is a tremendous amount to play for, even if a genuine shot at the Premier League title flies out of the window. The Gunners look pretty decent value ahead of their North London rivals, as the situation turned out in their favour again in the 2012/13 EPL season. But Tottenham weren’t far behind, and arguably the destiny of Spurs could all be in the hands of Gareth Bale and whether he is there for the duration of the season. A Bale inspired Tottenham could push hard again, but they are naturally trading a little bit larger than Arsenal in this market.

But perhaps a lot of punters will be tempted by Liverpool in 2013/14 Premier League Top Four finish betting. Hard not to be, one supposes. They have been laying claims that they are good enough to get back into the big four, and there were patches during the 2012/13 season that Brendan Rodgers had the Anfield club going in the right direction. Like Spurs, it could be important for them to hold on to their best player, Luis Suarez. Add a few important pieces and they could make a very decent force of themselves. With Everton losing David Moyes to Manchester United, the Toffees have drifted far from the top four picture for next season.

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