Will Saurez Leave

Will Luis Suarez stay at Liverpool, or will the troubled Uruguayan be packing his bags and shipping out elsewhere over the summer? It has been one of the longest running sagas of the Premier League downtime during the summer, but speculations over his future at Anfield started back before the end of last season when he received a ten match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic on the arm. That rash moment when the red mist descended, immediately threw his future at Liverpool in doubt. But increasingly over the summer, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has stated how much that they want to hang on to him. But the players himself looks to actively be wanting a challenge elsewhere.

Over the summer months during the off-season, Suarez has been linked with moves to Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, but neither rumour really had much legs. While Suarez is undoubtedly talented, the two European giants really have no need for him in their squads. Then there were whispers of him making a move to Chelsea, but again, this seemed more just like the press was stirring the summer transfer pot than it having much truth to it. But there has been one concrete offer at least which has tested Liverpool’s resolve, and that came from Premier League rivals Arsenal.

Naturally Liverpool wouldn’t be too keen to ship off Suarez to a rival in the chase for a top four spot in the Premier League. That wouldn’t make too much sense, and Arsenal’s second bid for him, around the mark of £40 million, at least allowed Suarez to talk to the London club. The price is still below what the Anfield club would value Suarez at and would allow him to move for, and they do seem to be standing firm over him. Suarez, who appeared in the FIFA Confederations Cup with Uruguay, was late joining up with Liverpool on their pre-season tour, but made a cameo appearance against Thailand in a friendly for his club.

Suarez needs to actually put in a written transfer request, and whether Arsenal want him or not, and whether the Gunners are prepared to break their club transfer record to get him, could all fall of deaf ears. A move to Arsenal could be blocked by Liverpool, simply because they would rather sell him abroad than see him move to the Gunners, a move which could come back to haunt them in the race for a place in the Champions League. Ironically it is place in the Champions League that is probably given a move to Arsenal such appeal for Saurez.

The latest speculation is that on joining up with Liverpool in Thailand, he looked lazy during training, almost giving the club a reason to ship him out. As the new season of the Premier League approaches, this could degenerate into a real Mexican stand off. Liverpool would prefer to sell Suarez, only to someone like Real Madrid and get Suarez out of the Premier League, but only Arsenal look seriously interesting in taking him off their hands. Should Liverpool hang on to him, how much of an asset would he be if he doesn’t really want to be there? Matching his 23 goal Premier League haul last season, could be a distant target for next term in a Liverpool shirt.

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