English Premier League Forecast

Barclays Premier League Forecast betting could bring some great value to your betting. This is naturally going to be best from a long term bet, and patience could pay dividends here. Naturally the starting place is going to have to be who you think are going to be the two main title contenders for the season. The Premier League forecast bet is predicting who will finish first and second overall in the correct order. There are, realistically only three teams who are going to be in the title hunt, so that will be a great place to start things off with here. Then for longer value you could start considering a longer shot. But at the head of the field are Chelsea, Man City and Man United.

With most people expecting the title race to be a three way race, here is where you start looking at things in a little more detail. Who do you fancy as winner? All three clubs have different managers from last season, and it is only Chelsea who has a man who has tasted Premier League title winning glory before. Will the experience of Jose Mourinho be a huge factor in the title race this season, going up against Manuel Pellegrini in his first taste of top flight English management with Man City, and David Moyes who is now in charge of the defending champions Mancehster United?

The off-season during the summer could offer some clues. Chelsea have looked pretty settled and happy with their squad, bringing in Andre Schurrle and chasing Wayne Rooney, if for no other reason that to hassle Manchester United. But if they don’t sign anyone else, Mourinho is happy with his troops. Manchester City have taken long strides to become an even bigger attacking force, brining in Alvaro Negredo and Steven Jovetic alongside Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko. So the Citizens want to become more of a flair side and they have taken positive steps towards that. As for Manchester United, they took a fairly quiet approach to summer spending as well.

Because of all this, bookmakers have been leaning slightly towards the title going to either Chelsea or Manchester City. So they are the top two options in a forecast bet. Taking the two either way round is being offered at odds of 13/2 to come out. It doesn’t look to be too bad of a roll of the dice really on that one. The same antepost Premier league betting odds can be taken on Manchester United getting into the mix as well. Taking the Red Devils to win over either City or Chelsea, or David Moyes’ men finishing second to one of the other main title contenders is all being offered around the same odds.

The longer value comes in when you simply look at the chances of Arsenal getting their noses into the top two mix. Arsene Wenger’s men fell short with a fourth place finish last term and that is the general perception of the way things will be for the 2013/14 season as well. The big difference for them could all depend on whether or not they can get their hands on their big target, Luis Saurez from Liverpool. Just about all they were missing last season was a prolific, out and out goal scorer to push them deeper into the title race mix. Arsenal finishing second to United, City or Chelsea can all be taken around 20/1 ahead of the new season in Premier League Forecast betting.

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